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Laser Tattoo Removal


I have been coming to Jeff for two months now for the removal of my quarter sleeve with the laser, and I cannot thank you enough .. I am so happy with the results! – Cassie Jean
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It’s Finally Here!

The Best Laser Tattoo Removal is now at Inflicting Ink in Portsmouth RI! We boast the newest most advanced tattoo removal laser – the Quanta Q Plus C and T Laser System featuring the first ever incorporated Ruby laser. The Q-Plus effectively removes black, blue, purple, yellow, green and red tattoo pigment with the lowest risk of texture changes and scarring.

The Quanta State of the Art Tattoo Removal System is at Inflicting Ink

Tattoo Laser Removal by the Quanta Q Plus CWhy does a tattoo shop remove tattoos?

It may seem strange that a tattoo studio would also do tattoo removal. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Many times a client has received a bad tattoo at another shop and wants it fixed, yet would rather not have a bigger cover-up tattoo piece. Under most circumstances, another tattoo artist would rather not be responsible for fixing someone else’s bad work. This process of fixing a tattoo rarely yields quality results. With the use of a laser tattoo removal system, the tattoo can either be lightened, or removed completely, leaving the artist with the opportunity to place fresh, new ink on the old site.

The amount of clients that visit our shop looking for tattoo removal has dramatically increased. Whether it is a bad tattoo, a faded tattoo, or simply a tattoo that the wearer no longer wants, we are consistently approached about the use of laser tattoo removal by our clients. Sadly we have to turn many people away who could be helped with laser removal on the basis that a cover-up tattoo might be too big in the end for what they’d like, and most botched tattoo jobs have a low success rate for fixing in many cases due to location, size and the amount of black ink first used in the tattoo. Only black will cover black.

The tattoo artists at Inflicting Ink are trained and certified in the use of laser tattoo removal, and have been for many years.

Why did Inflicting Ink choose the Quanta Q Plus C and T Tattoo Removal Laser?

Jeff Goyette at Quanta Laser headquarters in Italy. Since 1999, Jeff Goyette, owner and tattoo artist at Inflicting Ink has conducted research into laser tattoo removal technology, in order to provide his clients with the best possible advice for elimating their unwanted body art. During his initial research, he discovered that the laser systems that were available at that time, would not deliver the kinds of results he or his clients would be interested in seeing in their tattoo removals. Jeff is a now a Certified Laser Specialist and Laser Safety Officer (CLSO), the highest level certification in this field. (RIGHT: Jeff visits Quanta’s Headquarters in Italy to see the laser in action)

After discovering the Quanta Q Plus Laser System, he was satisfied that he had finally found a laser removal system that would provide the level of service and results he expected for his clients. The Quanta Q Plus system delivers a full 15-30 joules of pulse strength (the strongest available), can cover an area up to 6mm (as opposed to the competition at 3mm), and issues a broader spectrum of light with 3 wavelengths and the incorporation of Ruby for the removal of darker colors like red, orange, black and dark blue, as well as the inclusion of tough to remove green and blue pigments as well.

Laser Unique ConnectorThe increase in power and spectrum available with the Quanta means less time in the chair for you. Laser’s work on the ink, not the skin. But most of the damage from laser removal comes from the time it takes for each treatment to reach the pigment below the skin. The laser heats up the skin and can cause blistering. Unlike original Nd:YAG lasers which can cause skin damage, Q-Switched lasers use shorter pulses, and cause less scarring and pigmentation than other kinds of lasers. The Quanta system also uses the full spectrum of light, something that Nd:YAG lasers alone cannot offer. With the Quanta Laser system, less time under the laser means no damage to the skin. The ink breaks up and is dissipated through the body for release.

And most tattoos can be removed in under 5 treatments!

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Proud Member of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery

Proud Member of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery