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Guest Artists

Inflicting Ink Tattoo Studio and the Inflicting Ink Traveling Tattoo Truck often enjoy the talent of a Guest Tattoo and Body Art Artist. We always appreciate when top talent from the around the country comes to our studio or visits us on location.

If you are interested in being a guest artist please CONTACT US or Call Jeff at the studio at (401) 683-5680.

Current Guest Artist

BOOKING for MAY 2011, the 28th through the 30th

Ray Hawse

Jan A. Sullivan

Life, excitement, fun,& energy!  That is what her art is made of…

Jan creates with ink on skin or acrylic paints on canvas!

The subjects are always changing ~ creating pet portraits, dogs, cats, tiki gods, adding a fun twist on skylines, skulls, chapels, trees, moons, martinis with giant olives, black cats or her other crazy characters… endless ideas!

Jan A. Sullivan is the person behind the art…

*She adds that extra kick to your images and designs.


Past Guest Artists

Guest Artist Ben Dixon of Lone Wolf Body Art and Full Moon Inc.Ben Dixon, Lone Wolf Body Art, Nashville, TN

Lone Wolf Body Art was founded by Ben Dixon in July, 1993 after returning from New York and New Jersey having worked with Paul Booth, Larry Davis, and Steve Ferguson. Ben moved the shop from it’s original location in Mt. Juliet to Nashville in 1994 and there things took off. 1996 Ben along with a few other Tennessee artist’s help write and get passed, the Tattoo Laws and Regulations for the state. Lone Wolf has been voted Best Tattoo Studio by the Nashville Scene reader’s 11 years in a row. Lone Wolf has locations in Midtown at 1907 Broadway, Franklin, Lebanon, and Mt. Juliet Tennessee.

Ben tattooed with Jeff Goyette during the Country Music Awards in Nashville, TN aboard the Inflicting Ink Travelling Tattoo Truck. View Ben’s work and learn more about Lone Wolf Body Art online at: http://www.FullMoonInc.net.

If you are interested in being a guest artist please CONTACT US or Call Jeff at the studio at (401) 683-5680.

Ray Hawse

Ray Hawse – December 10 -12, 2010

Welcome to my world… I was born in Wheaton,Md. and have always had an artistic flair. My mother always found me drawing one thing or another. At 17 years old, won 1st place at a statewide art contest and subsequently won art scholarships. After trying several different professions, i decided to pursue what I love and utilize my god given talent through tattooing. Ever since, I have been respected as a talented tattoo artist. I have traveled extensively throughout the world for my inspiration. I especially have a fondness for the orient thus my inherent love and appreciation for Asian art. It gives me great pleasure and gratification to see my visions come alive through my tattoos. Even greater, is the look of appreciation and satisfaction on my client’s faces when my work is complete.

My plans for Irezumi Life are to eventually be heard of in every state for great work and complete customer satisfaction. I would like to have the name respected throughout the tattoo society. Also to have many well known artist to want and come do guest spots at our studio.

I believe that tattoos have come a long way from the beginning stages of it’s art form. Also it’s very nice to see that artist every day are progressing so much more and not being limited to the stereotypes that restricted our society before. I would like to see it to be a progressive growth more and more. One day our art will have reached everyone in the United States and other countries in one way or another.

The reason I picked Inflicting Ink tattoo studio for a guest spot is because I want to reach every part of the East Coast and experience what other artists have to offer. Also to share what knowledge i have of the industry. Not only that but I really respect the cleanliness and the way the shop is set up. I feel it would be a great experience to be around others that have the same visions and intentions in the industry as I do.

If you are interested in being a guest artist please CONTACT US or Call Jeff at the studio at (401) 683-5680.