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Divorce Tattoos Are The New Trend



With things like divorce parties becoming popular, it only makes sense that a trend would start involving divorce tattoos. Getting a tattoo to celebrate your divorce is a fun and creative way to celebrate your new-found single status. Instead of inking a person’s name on your arm, get a quote that represents a milestone in your life. Read more about this trend below…

But, increasingly, there’s another kind of homage: the “divorce tattoo.” Almost monthly, Christina Christie, owner of Black Rabbit Tattoo Studio in Vancouver, sees a woman arrive post-breakup. “I hear people say, ‘I don’t care what anyone thinks about it anymore. I’ve always wanted a tattoo and I’m getting it,’ ” she says. “There’s a sense of taking your body back, and sometimes the pain itself is a relief.” Last month, #DivorceTattoo started trending on Pinterest. Among the examples: A floating blue balloon, its string a chain of words (“Sometimes you need to let things go”); an anchor with “I refuse to sink”; a line of cursive writing on the wrist (“I am not afraid to walk this world alone”). Floating feathers are also trendy, as is a bird in flight. All were collected on the New Jersey-based blog and soon-to-be book Trash the Dress: Stories of Celebrating Divorce in Your 20s.

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