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Tattoo Storytellers


Queen Tattoo

Every tattoo tells a story. There are beautiful stories of heartache and triumph hidden beneath the ink of every tattoo. If you’re ever in search of a conversation starter with someone who’s inked just ask about their tattoos. Each tattoo is sure to reveal a piece of their past or a hope for their future. This article shares some real life ink stories each with a unique layer of individuality and self expression.

Pete didn’t get a tattoo until he was 33.”I never had a tattoo while my dad was alive 27 years ago. When my dad died the first tattoo I had was a portrait of my father. Now I’m covered from head to foot.” His most recent one is a portrait of the Queen, which he got at the Great British Tattoo Convention in May. Since the occasion had “Great British” in the title, he wanted “a bit of royalty, so I had picture of the Queen herself”.

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