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Protecting Color Tattoos


color tattoos

Tattoos are creative tools of self expression that are meant to last  lifetime. However the maintenance and care of a tattoo requires a little preparation and planning, especially when it comes to the sun interfering. This article shares great tips on how to properly maintain your tattoo during the healing process and beyond.  Read the article below to learn how to keep your tattoo looking brand new read the article below.

Keeping the colors of a tattoo as fresh as the day you got it requires proper care during the healing process — which can take up to two weeks — and some routine maintenance for the rest of your life. Sun damage is the main cause for faded ink after a tattoo has healed, but it is just one of the factors you must protect against during the healing process. These instructions are the same for any tattoo, but most artists will have a differing opinion as to which exact products to use.

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