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Inflicting Ink Tattoo Studio    |    The Best Tattoo Parlor in Rhode Island    |    2968 East Main Rd., Portsmouth RI 02871   |   (401) 683-5680

One Stop Tattoo Shop


Where else in Rhode Island can you go for professional ink work, cosmetic tattoos, body piercing and laser tattoo removals? Each of our artists have unique specialties with solid experience. Inflicting Ink is a one stop shop with the expertise and experience you desire in each service provided. Visit our Rhode Island tattoo parlor for a consultation on your next tattoo.


Call Inflicting Ink at 401-683-5680 to schedule a free consultation to learn about laser tattoo removal for yourself, or to learn about adding the Quanta USA laser to your tattoo studio.


Inflicting Ink is a Rhode Island Tattoo Studio that embodies quality, consistency and pride, and offers a sterile, safe, comfortable, artistic environment to its customers.  Nominated multiple times for the Best Tattoo Parlor in Rhode Island and Best Tattoo Artist in RI.

You may contact them for an appointment for a tattoo at (401) 683-5680 and of course walk-ins are always welcome.For more information, please visit our home page at www.inflictinginktattoo.com

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