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New Tattoo Procedure for Breast Cancer Patients


nipple tattoo

There’s a new wave of tattoos that are changing lives and empowering women around the world. Nipple tattoos are a recent form of cosmetic tattooing for breast cancer survivors. This treatment provides a life like tattoo of the nipple that is removed during treatments. Learn more about this form of tattooing and how it’s impacting the lives of women.

After a woman undergoes a mastectomy and breast reconstruction the new breast is a blank canvas. While the operation can recreate the size and shape of the patients natural breast by using her own body tissue or implants, the darker, sensitive skin of the nipple is usually removed entirely. Skin grafts can recreate the look of the original nipple but the procedure isn’t popular because “most patients don’t want to have another surgery and another scar., says Dr. Leo Keegan, an assistant clinical professor of surgery at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai.

— Caitlin Kiernan

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