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Hello Kitty & SpongeBob Tattoos for Kids?


A tattoo parlor exclusively for children? That’s what passers by thought this store front was being transformed into. Sadie Hennessy created this start-up parlor parody to spark discussion about the premature decisions that parents make for their children and how those decisions impact their futures. Read more about the spoof tattoo parlor for kids.

A woman who set up ‘the world’s first tattoo parlour for children’ was surprised to receive genuine enquiries from parents keen to ink up their kids.

Sadie Hennessy created the thought-provoking art project by placing an ad outside a high street shop in Whitstable, Kent.

Her aim was to incite discussion about the sexualisation of children, but the controversial ‘business’ actually had ten genuine requests.

Surprisingly, Ms Hennessy said the reaction had been split 50/50, with some outraged at the idea of the business and others ready to put their young under the needle.


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