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Arsenal Fan Removes Tribute Tattoo



We’ve all heard of tattoo removals after a bad relationship or break up, but what about breaking up with your favorite sports team? John Eastman used to be a die hard Arsenal fan, until his team went and broke his heart. The Arsenals decided not to re-sign Barcelona’s team captain. Eastman has been a devout fan of the Arsenals for 55 years, even going as far as getting tattoo of the club’s crest on his chest but the decision to release the teams captain was more than Eastman could handle. So he removed them from his heart. Literally.

Arsenal had first option to bring the Spain international back to the Emirates, but even though Fabregas wanted to return to North London, Arsene Wenger felt he already had enough players in that position. And Wenger’s decision prompted the 55-year-old – who has been a fan of Arsenal since the age of 10 – to replace the tattoo with another design before binning club memorabilia, which he had spent decades collecting. ‘Wenger won’t put his hand in his pocket to buy players, he’s too tight,’ Mr Eastman said. ‘He’s broken my heart.’ Poor guy…


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