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How Laser Tattoo Removal Works


How Do Laser Tattoo Removal
Treatments Work?

Laser tattoo removal uses short pulses of highly focused energy consisting of  light wavelengths and energy directed at tattoo ink under the skin. The laser heats up the ink particles and breaks them into smaller pieces, which can then be released by the body, and promote the fading of the tattoo. The average length of treatment is 3-10 sessions for most tattoos, spaced 4-8 weeks apart. Typical deciding factors regarding how long individual tattoos will take to be removed include depth of tattoo, density, type of ink, colors, area of the body, and the immune system of the patient.

Quanta Q Plus C Laser Tattoo Removal system at Inflicting InkTattoo removal laser treatmentlaser treatment

The increase in power and spectrum available with the Quanta means less time in the chair for you.

laser tattoo removal physicsLaser’s work to destroy the molecules of ink, not the skin cells themselves, however skin damage can occur during the process. The damage from laser removal comes from the time it takes for each laser burst to reach the pigment below the skin and to destroy the ink molecule. The time it takes the laser waves to reach the ink is proportinate to the strength at which the laser works. The weaker the laser, the longer it takes to reach the ink, and the longer the laser heats up the skin causing damage and blistering.

In addition, different ink colors require different wavelengths to shatter those molecules. Each color absorb different wavelengths of light causing the molecule to vibrate. If enough of the right wavelength hits a molecule of ink the molecule vibrates so quickly it breaks into pieces. These pieces of the molecule are small enough for the body to remove over time. Many lasers treatments use longer bursts of wavelengths that aren’t exact for that molecule to destroy the molecule. This can cause burns, blisters, and does not always destroy the toughest of the ink colors such as blues and greens.

I have been coming to Jeff for two months now for the removal of my quarter sleeve with the laser, and I cannot thank you enough .. I am so happy with the results! – Cassie Jean
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Unlike many other “tattoo removal lasers”, the Quanta Laser system is the strongest on the market. It’s laser pulse takes less time needed to reach and destroy ink molecules, less time the skin is under the laser, therefore reducing the chance for damage to the skin. In addition the broad spectrum of wavelengths specifically designed to destroy ALL colors of ink means the treatements are more effective each session, reducing the number of visits needed to fully remove a tattoo.

Jeff is a Certified Laser Specialist and Laser Safety Officer (CLSO), the highest level certification in this field.

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Proud Member of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery

Proud Member of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery


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