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Corey Goyette



Corey Goyette

Name: Corey Goyette (tattoo artist & Jeff’s son)

Age: 21

Hometown : Berkley, MA / Portsmouth, RI

Years of Tattooing: Being the son of the Owner of the Tattoo Shop he began hanging around the shop at age 15 he became licensed at age 18 and has been tattooing ever since.

Training: Blood Born Pathogens, CPR, AED (Automatic external defibrilllator), APT (alliance or professional tattooers).

Certifications: Blood Born Pathogens, CPR, & Licensed in the State of RI, TN.

Types of Work: Black and gray, traditional, tribal, new school, and color.

Why did you get into it: Grew up watching his father and art was the only thing that could keep his attention.

When did you get your first tattoo: Age 18- received a family crest on his calf by his father, Jeff.

Favorite work to do: Traditional